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Delays in licensing

NYSVMS requested that the Board of Veterinary Medicine take action to reduce the delays in issuing licenses. Many veterinarians are reporting excessive delays in their licensing process, and that they are not receiving responses from the online support system.

We have received a response, that clarifies some of the hurdles that NYSED is facing, but offers only a faint hope that the situation will improve.

Puppy Mills

Gov. Cuomo signed legislation cracking down on puppy mills and unscrupulous pet dealers who masquerade as not-for-profit animal shelters. The bill requires all nonprofit animal shelters and rescues to register with the state — a move that would make them, for the first time, subject to state regulation.

Bark Softening

NYSVMS also opposed the bark softening legislation which did not move out of committee. NYSVMS will continue to work to ensure that the decision to perform a medical procedure is left to a veterinarian.

Compounded Drugs for office use

NYSVMS drafted our own compounding legislation last year and this year Senator Valesky and Assemblyman Zebrowski reintroduced the bill. While the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine has not given an official answer yet on whether or not compounding for office stock and use is prohibited through explicit language, it is not expressly permitted, either. The bill continues to be “live” for the upcoming session.

Monetary damages

One big difference in the cost of providing healthcare to animals rather than humans is that there are no huge lawsuits leading to damages for wrongful death or injury. That could all change if a bill proceeded that allows a third-party to be appointed guardian. NYSVMS has strongly opposed the bill.

Payment plans

Imagine being required to accept a mandated payment plan of $25 down with three months to pay the balance. We opposed a bill proposing this, which was not introduced.

Resolved in Veterinarians Favor

Taxing Death

Another bill that was opposed by NYSVMS would have required veterinarians to pay a tax of $25 for every animal sent to the cemetery. The bill was not introduced.


There is a constant struggle to ensure that animals receive medical care from veterinarians. IN the past we have successfully opposed a bill that would enable farmers to vaccinate their own livestock by purchasing the vaccine.