Grass Roots Legislative Network


Grass Roots Legislative Network

The NYSVMS's Grassroots Legislative Network (GRLN) invites veterinarians to take an active role in helping to safeguard and advance veterinary medicine in New York State. The purpose of this program is to establish a network of veterinarians willing to contact their legislators when called to action by the NYSVMS, visit legislators in their home districts and/or attend fund raisers.

New York State legislators make decisions that impact the veterinarian, veterinary practice, animal welfare, the status of animals in society and so much more. Legislators need to receive meaningful input from veterinarians (constituents) about how a proposed piece of legislation will affect them; lawmakers tend to be very responsive to the needs and concerns of their voting constituents.

Members participating in the NYSVMS Grassroots Legislative Network will be matched with their state legislators, given information about important issues and what action is needed; i.e., writing a letter, telephoning, faxing, emailing or meeting personally.

Members interested in participating in the GRLN are invited to contact staff at


"It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs.” 

- Albert Einstein