How to get involved

Donating time or money to a political campaign

Becoming involved in a legislator’s political campaign can be a powerful way to send a positive message to him or her. 

There are several ways you can get involved:

·         donate your time by knocking on doors and/or assisting campaign staff;

·         place a sign on your front yard;

·         make telephone calls for your representatives;

·         host a fundraiser (contact your candidate’s campaign staff for details); or

·         donate money.

To donate money, you may:

·         Write a check directly to the campaign of the candidate of your choice. 

·         Send a contribution to the New York State Veterinary Medical Society Political Education Committee. 

·         Both personal and business checks are acceptable. 

·         If you make an individual contribution to a candidate, let that candidate know you are a member of the New York State Veterinary Medical Society.

The New York State Veterinary Medical Society Political Education Committee

The New York State Veterinary Medical Society’s Veterinary Political Education Committee (V-PEC) faces more challenges than most PECs thanks to the complicated nature of our profession. Not only do we provide health care services to myriad animal species including companion animals, food animals, laboratory animals, poultry, dairy cattle and horses; but our interests include research, higher education, industry, diagnostics and the military. In the world of veterinary medicine, we are also very much concerned with environmental conservation and are affected by issues of medical waste and small business.

This is where the V-PEC comes into play. With our broad and diverse interests, we need to become involved in many legislative and regulatory issues that come before the various committees in the state legislature. This involves developing relationships with legislators and educating them in the issues that affect us most, as well as making financial contributions to demonstrate our support for those who take a stand for our profession.

While other industry or professional groups have legislative interests that come before only one or two committees, in veterinary medicine, we regularly interact with 15 legislative committees.

The relationships that are formed between veterinarians and New York state legislators through V-PEC help to lead to a greater understanding of each other’s concerns. PEC supports legislators who support our profession, clients, and their pets and whose ideas, actions and legislative positions closely align with a majority of veterinarians throughout New York State.

Supporting your legislators

Legislators need our financial support to stay in the political process and we need their attention on issues important to us. PEC contributions are made to legislative leaders, NYSVMS bill sponsors, committee chairs and legislators recommended by NYSVMS members.

New York State Veterinary Medical Society Grass Roots Legislative Network

The NYSVMS's Grassroots Legislative Network (GRLN) invites veterinarians to take an active role in helping to safeguard and advance veterinary medicine in New York State. The purpose of this program is to establish a network of veterinarians willing to contact their legislators when called to action by the NYSVMS, visit legislators in their home districts and/or attend fund raisers.

New York State legislators make decisions that impact the veterinarian, veterinary practice, animal welfare, the status of animals in society and so much more. Legislators need to receive meaningful input from veterinarians (constituents) about how a proposed piece of legislation will affect them; lawmakers tend to be very responsive to the needs and concerns of their voting constituents.

Members participating in the NYSVMS Grassroots Legislative Network will be matched with their state legislators, given information about important issues and what action is needed; i.e., writing a letter, telephoning, faxing, emailing or meeting personally.

"It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs.”  -- Albert Einstein

Become more involved!

To learn more about the NYSVMS V-PEC or GRLN or to become more involved in legislative matters, please contact NYSVMS headquarters at 518 869 7867, or email