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When will veterinary staff be vaccinated? Updated Jan 11th

  • 1.  When will veterinary staff be vaccinated? Updated Jan 11th

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    The vaccination program is prioritized following the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control
    Their program divides the population into a number of groups, starting with 1a), 1b) 1c) and 2

    New York State started to vaccinate the 1a) population in December 2020. These were the highest risk medical teams
    The original plan was to vaccinate all 1a) workers before starting on group 1b) - which covers all essential workers, including veterinarians.

    On Jan 8th NY State changed the plan to begin to vaccinate some 1b) groups simultaneously with the 1a) groups.

    On Jan 11th, NY State added the first of these 1b) groups to their eligibility criteria, however these first groups focus on essential workers who have direct contact with the public during their work. NY State has directed veterinarians to use curbside check-in protocols so that they do can avoid direct contact with the public. The government continues to direct veterinarians to use curbside check-in protocols so that it can focus vaccination efforts on high risk groups that cannot avoid exposure to the public.

    Some veterinarians enter assisted living facilities to provide care to pets in those facilities. We recommend they contact those facilities to obtain letters they can use to show that they are workers who are in contact with the public in these facilities, and therefore eligible for vaccination.

    NY State will continue to add more 1b essential workers to the list of eligible professions as the vaccination program proceeds, and we will share any information we obtain,  Meanwhile you can check your own eligibility here COVID-19 Vaccine: Get the Facts
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    COVID-19 Vaccine: Get the Facts
    The first COVID-19 vaccines are here. Due to limited supply from the federal government, availability is limited. More and more New Yorkers will become eligible as the vaccine supply increases. While the vaccination process is underway, every New Yorker should wear a mask, social distance and avoid small and large gatherings.
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