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Free tools to help with curbside

  • 1.  Free tools to help with curbside

    Posted 08-21-2020 12:04
    Edited by Timothy Atkinson 11-10-2020 09:15
    Free tools to help with curbside
    A couple of our NYSVMS commercial partners have come forward with some free tools to help members streamline curbside working. There are many more companies offering similar products, but these two will give you an idea of what is available to make like a little easier while running curbside check-ins.
    Boehringer-Ingelheim: PetPro Connect
    This free solution is offered by Boehringer-Ingelheim to support veterinarians with the challenge of curbside check-in. It is a free, easy-to-use video and texting platform. Visit PetPro Connect | Veterinary Telehealth & Virtual Solutions for Pets for more information.

    Teletails: Instant
    Think of "Instant" as a stripped down version of their popular telehealth app. There are no client downloads, you just send your clients an invitation to join a video session. It archives the video automatically too.

    Tim Atkinson
    Albany NY