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NYSVMS supported legislation allowing office-use compounding introduced

  • 1.  NYSVMS supported legislation allowing office-use compounding introduced

    Posted 02-04-2019 10:08

    The NYSVMS-supported legislation allowing for compounding for in-office use pursuant to a non-patient specific order has been reintroduced in the New York State Assembly.  The bill's sponsor, as in years past, is Assemblyman Zebrowski from Rockland County.  NYSVMS looks forward to continuing to work with Assemblyman Zebrowski and other legislators to emphasize the importance of this legislation for the veterinary profession.  We anticipate that the Senate will soon follow suit with an introduction of the bill in their house and will alert you when that happens.


    We continue to use Brown & Weinraub, PLLC as our legislative counsel.  Brown & Weinraub monitors legislative introductions on a daily basis and analyzes relevant legislation with an eye toward the concerns of our profession and the legislative agenda of NYSVMS.  This analysis includes the "political" implications of a piece of legislation such as the number of times it has been introduced without movement and the motivations of a particular bill sponsor.  As bills come across their radar, legislative counsel alerts the Executive Director and Legislative Committee Chair and provides the appropriate context that helps determine if NYSVMS needs to activate its membership to push for or against legislation.  We look forward to providing you with updates as the legislative session continues.

    Tim Atkinson