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What veterinary services can I provide? What guidelines apply?

  • 1.  What veterinary services can I provide? What guidelines apply?

    Posted 06-10-2020 09:18
    Update 6/10/2020:
    In March Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order No. 202.6, requiring that all businesses in the state reduce their in-person workforce at any work location by 100 percent. Any "essential business," is exempt from this requirement.

    On May 25th the list of essential businesses was updated:

    "Veterinary and livestock medical services" are exempt from restriction under order 202.6 Statewide.

    This means that veterinary service lie completely outside any of the operational restrictions associated with Executive Order 202.6, and this includes the phase reopening of businesses in each region. Do not worry if you are in Phase 1, 2, 3 etc; This does not apply to veterinary services. You are permitted to provide the full range of veterinary medical services in all regions of NY State, BUT you must follow the state mandated guidelines below.

    NY State Guidelines applicable to Animal Hospitals

    All animal hospitals without exception are now required to follow the State's guidelines for "Non-food agriculture"

    1. Read the 10-page applicable guidelines
    2. Affirm online that they have read them (see page 10 of the guidelines) - select Agriculture as the industry
    3. Conspicuously post completed safety plans onsite
    The safety plan should follow the template provided by NY State.

    You should also follow the Interim Guidance to Veterinarians Resuming Elective, Non-Urgent Veterinary Procedures and/or Examinations