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Can I just allow vaccinated clients into the hospital?

  • 1.  Can I just allow vaccinated clients into the hospital?

    Posted 27 days ago

    Am I permitted to be selective as to whom I allow in and only let those clients in who have been vaccinated against COVID?  If I can do this would I / should I require proof of vaccination?

    A veterinary hospital generally can require clients to have a COVID-19 vaccination before providing services.  The veterinary hospital generally could turn away those individuals who have not been vaccinated.  However, there are significant potential risks associated with implementing such a mandate this way.  Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upholds the right of people with disabilities to enjoy the goods and services of shops, restaurants, and other establishments (i.e., places of public accommodation).  Certain disabilities make it medically impossible for certain individuals to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, and those individuals generally would need to be accommodated.  Thus, if a veterinary hospital does not properly accommodate those with disabilities, it could face significant potential exposure.    

    Instead of mandating that individuals have vaccinations to receive services, an approach that has less potential exposure is this:  Permit entry into the veterinary hospital by only to those who have the COVID-19 vaccination (it is permissible to ask for proof of the vaccination).  And, for all others (those who do not have the vaccination or cannot prove they have the vaccination for any reason), offer them another way to access the hospital services, such as through a curbside check-in/checkout. 

    Timothy Atkinson