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What do I have to do to reopen for electives?

  • 1.  What do I have to do to reopen for electives?

    Posted 18 days ago
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    All veterinary services are now exempt from restrictions


    The latest update to the " made on May 25th defines "veterinary and livestock medical services" as an essential business and exempt from executive order 202.6.


    This follows Governor Cuomo's announcement on May 24th that animal hospitals would be permitted to "reopen". (This translates to mean that will be permitted to offer all services including electives and wellness.)


    BUT - important note

    There is some small-print, that is critically important.


    As part of the NY Forward plan for reopening the NY economy NY State issued . These do not just apply to regions that go through phase-one reopening. At the very top of the it says:


    "The guidelines below apply to both non-essential businesses in regions that are permitted to re-open and essential businesses throughout the state that were previously permitted to remain open."


    There is also that says the same thing:

    If I am an essential business, am I subject to the new operating requirements detailed in the Guidance?

    Answer: Yes. The increased measures detailed in the Guidance are in furtherance of public health and safety, and all businesses as well as units of State and local government are required to ensure this standard of safety.


    That means that every animal hospital is required to

    1. Read
    2. Affirm online that they have read them (see page 10 of the guidelines)
    3. Conspicuously post completed safety plans onsite

    The provided by NY State.