Covid-19 response

  • 1.  Helping to preserve PPE

    Posted 13 days ago
    Edited by Nicole LaMora 11 days ago
    We recently posted this to our Facebook page. Clients are usually more then willing to help out. Within an hour we had two people volunteer and one who already had patterns started!
    ** I just want to clarify that we are only using these to conserve PPE when performing non-elective surgeries. 
    Calling our crafty/sewing able clients. :)
    Due to COVID-19 hospitals may need, and are asking, for our protective equipment including surgical masks and caps.
    For us it is easy to wash and sterilize these items if we need to, but our human counterparts really need the disposable options.
    If we have some people willing to make us some surgical caps and masks we can give more of our disposable ones away.
    Is anyone willing and able to help us out and make a few for us?
    Unfortunately none of us are handy enough with a sewing machine to make these.
    We would truly appreciate it!
    Here are some links to patterns:

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