NYSVMS confers five awards every year. Nominees for NYSVMS awards are selected by the Awards Committee from among nominees from regional boards, regional award recipients, as well as those nominated by the NYSVMS executive board. These nominations are then reviewed by the NYSVMS Awards Committee for the awards listed below. The committee chair then presents its recommendations to the executive board which gives final approval. Nominations for the 2021 NYSVMS Awards are now being accepted. The deadline is August 2, 2021. Click here for the 2021 Nomination Form.

NYSVMS Award Descriptions:

Distinguished Life Service Award

This is the highest honor to be conferred upon a NYSVMS member.  It honors an individual of the highest caliber in the profession; one who has been a good and faithful NYSVMS member for a period of 35 years and has actively and fully partaken in society activities.

New York State Veterinarian of the Year

This award is given to a NYSVMS member who, over the course of many years, served the regional, state society, and veterinary profession in an exemplary and distinguished manner and who is judged by his/her peers to be the most deserving of the award.

Outstanding Service to Veterinary Medicine

This award honors an individual who through his/her efforts in education, research, practice, or some veterinary‑related occupation significantly contributed to the advancement and improvement of veterinary medicine in New York State.  This individual need not have been active in organized veterinary medicine and need not be a veterinarian.

NYSVMS Merit Award

This award honors a NYSVMS member for significant contributions to the regional and state society and the advancement of the veterinary profession.

Rising Leader Award                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
The Rising Leader Award recognizes a current NYSVMS member who has graduated from veterinary school within the last 15 years. This outstanding member has made significant professional accomplishments early in his/her career including public service and volunteer activities that serve to positively reflect upon the veterinary profession, as well as an active role on the regional and/or state level of NYSVMS.


Past Award Recipients