Volunteering and Donating

Helping medical teams with PPE and Ventilators

If you can spare any PPE or ventilators to protect medical teams caring for sick people - please use the links below

For general PPE


For ventilators


Cuomo press release on volunteering - 2/25

Amid Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, Governor Cuomo Announces 40,000 Health Professionals Have Signed up to Volunteer as Part of the State's Surge Healthcare Force

Read the Governor’s press release here:



Can you help? Use the information below and/or reach out to us and we will try to facilitate donations.

NYS has developed a system to handle offers of donated goods, services, and space; interested donors may use the New York State COVID-19 Volunteer and Donation Assistance form

While a permanent public health emergency charitable gifts trust fund is being established, direct financial donations can be submitted through HRI using this form.

For more information on other assistance efforts, please visit the “Get Involved: How You Can Help” page.



Emergency Reserve Positions

What are Emergency Reserve Veterinary Positions?

While some hospitals are closing down, others are coming together to concentrate their resources on selected facilities. These are then staffed with teams that include workers at home performing tele-triage and others taking shifts at the premises to reduce the chances of the whole team being quarantined.

Emergency reserve veterinarians and other staff are those who are unable to work at their regular place of employment at the moment, and are available to work at one of these centers. Although as of 3/24 we only have one center listing positions, we hope that others will take this opportunity to let veterinarians know about opportunities to continue serving during this crisis.