Collaborative Emergency Services Model

Webinar: Collaborative model for emergency/essential care at Covid19 epicenters

Webinar on collaborative model for coronavirus

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You stay open for emergencies. You get sick. Staff are quarantined. Now you are closed and the surviving practices are struggling to meet the need for emergency and essential animal care.

On 3/25/202 NYSVMS hosted a webinar from one emergency hospital group, VEG, that has developed a collaborative solution. We believe this model may be needed elsewhere in the State, and are working with VEG on broader plans to support all practices in an emergency.

This collaborative model involves opening the emergency hospitals 24 hours, and local veterinary practices shifting their operations into the emergency hospital. Their staff join the emergency hospital staff to form teams including:

  • On-premises shifts working on emergency/essential cases
  • Home-based shifts working from home doing reception phone-calls and tele-triage, and ready to keep the hospital open if the on-premises shift is quarantined
  • The home-based team includes veterinarians who are quarantined or need to be at home for other reasons
We heard from Dr. David Bessler and his team at Veterinary Emergency Group on how they are cooperating with veterinary operations throughout Westchester, Rockland, Long Island, Upper East Side an Brooklyn to ensure veterinarians are as safe as possible while providing essential veterinary care.

Issues covered include:
Overview of the current environment
What VEG is doing now - cleaning, moving the back to the front, video chats, remote triage
Thinking ahead - shut down hospitals to create a rescue team, equipment conservation
A collaborative model - commitments to regular DVMs to return cases, lists of open/closed vets etc

Emergency Reserve Positions

Post your Emergency Reserve Positions

If you are operating a veterinary emergency services program responding to the specific needs during Covid19, please also use our site to promote positions.

How to Promote an Emergency Reserve Position

What are Emergency Reserve Veterinary Positions?

While some hospitals are closing down, others are coming together to concentrate their resources on selected facilities. These are then staffed with teams that include workers at home performing tele-triage and others taking shifts at the premises to reduce the chances of the whole team being quarantined.

Emergency reserve veterinarians and other staff are those who are unable to work at their regular place of employment at the moment, and are available to work at one of these centers. Although as of 3/24 we only have one center listing positions, we hope that others will take this opportunity to let veterinarians know about opportunities to continue serving during this crisis.