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Efficient monitoring and record-keeping

Returns and Disposal

Controlled Substances Education

4 free controlled substances webinars a year with NYSED credits

Controlled Substances Webinars and Online learning

Members can join 4 free controlled substances webinars a year to earn NYSED credits. All are presented by NYSVMS education partner, Airis Pharmaceutical Solutions.

NOTE: If all the veterinarians at your hospital are NYSVMS members, your veterinary technicians are also welcome to receive complimentary CEs for this program.

Efficient monitoring and record-keeping

Controlled Substances Monitoring Program

Save time tracking and reporting your controlled drug inventory, and rest easy knowing that you won't be caught out when the DEA inspects.

Our partner Airis Pharmaceutical Solutions is offering NYSVMS members an exclusive offer for a simple low-cost software program that makes compliance both simple and affordable.This is a version of their "DivertAlert" controlled substance monitoring software that is specifically tailored to the needs of smaller practices.

The monthly cost is $96/month for 2 concurrent users. Additional seats may be purchased
Technical support services are available between 7:00am and 7:00pm Monday-Friday.

Airis also offers NYSVMS members exclusive pricing for their Crisis Services and Event Management at a cost of $50 per month, including 3 hours of free consultation per event.

You can also gain access to Airis University for $30/month

For more information contact Jeffrey Vansplunder at Airis

About Airis Pharmaceutical Solutions


NYSVMS has selected Airis Pharmaceutical Solutions as their exclusive partner for controlled substances monitoring and education.

AIRIS is dedicated to Comprehensive Opioid Drug Regulatory Compliance.

They were founded by former law enforcement officers who were on the front lines working with businesses who administer and dispense controlled substances. They recognized client’s needs for someone to be an advocate between regulators and the opioid drug industry; ensuring compliance, exposing diversion & protecting clients’ interest.

 AIRIS are serious about protecting one of your most critical business assets, your DEA Registration for controlled substances, using DivertAlert™; our Risk Management Service.

For more information visit

Cost-effective returns and disposal

Pharmaceutical Returns

NYSVMS has selected RPreturns as our recommended partner for returning unused controlled substances.

RP Returns is a MBE certified and 8(a) certified company that you can trust. RP Returns services manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, contract packagers, hospitals, pharmacies, long term care facilities, doctors, dentists, EMTs, and veterinarians throughout the United States. RP Returns is a distribution/disposal company that is licensed by the DEA to return pharmaceuticals eligible for credit and properly destroy DEA CI-V Controlled Substances and pharmaceuticals not eligible for credit through incineration.

Most smaller needs will be met using the RPreturns "Boomerang Pak", which is a simple box that you can use for compliant return. The smallest boxes are generally cheaper than the usual minimum price for flat-rate return services.

Download the Boomerang Pak brochure

Contact Mesha Mebane at 443-454-4676 and ask for the NYSVMS discount.

Waste Disposal System

An alternative to mailing back unused/expired pharmaceuticals is to use a DEA approved immobilizing agent such as RxDestroyer.

Our partner, Airis Pharmaceutical Solutions is a distributor for RxDestroyer, and can provide insights and advice on to how to most effectively use this product, including how it makes it easy for you to maintain your controlled substance records.

Rx Destroyer™ all purpose is for use with all non-hazardous medications (DEA-controlled & Non-controlled). Includes Pills, Capsules, Tablets, Liquids, Lozenges, Transdermal Patches, Fentanyl Lollipops, and Suppositories.

For more information contact Jeffrey VanSplunder at Airis Pharmaceutical Solutions or call 716-867-1450