AVMA meetings

Attendees and travel plans

Attendee Who pays? Flights/travel Hotel VLC Registration Critical issues workshop - Jan 9th? Local Transport Date of arrival Departure
Eric Bregman AVMA Thursday pm to Sunday early am via AVMA Not eligible Via AVMA 9 12
Susan Wylegala AVMA via AVMA via AVMA Not eligible via AVMA
Rebecca Henderson Travel 100% reimbursed Self - AVMA will reimburse Self - AVMA will reimburse Use code 2020VL Not eligible
Andy Fleming Travel 50% AVMA reimbursed Self- TALK Self- TALK by Dec 19th Use code 2020VMAAO If possible Use this link for shuttle. Please do not take cab from airport
Mark Will Travel 50% AVMA reimbursed Booked using own card Reserved using own card Use code 2020VMAAO Yes 8 12
Tim Atkinson NYSVMS Orbitz
32MH43DD/73846190 Wait for code Yes 8 12

AVMA Winter Conference
January 9-12

Thursday Jan 9th:
8:00 am - 4:00 pm Critical Issues Conference (For those who registered)
4:00- 5:00 pm - Networking event
5:00 - 6:30 pm - District 1 Caucus meeting

7:00 pm Dinner: We will go to dinner as a small group

Friday Jan 10th:
House of Delegates / Leadership sessions
Here is a link to the resolutions that will be discussed
5:00-6:00 PM Networking reception
6:300 PM - District 1 dinner - Pizano's on Madison, 61 E Madison St, Chicago, IL 60603

Saturday Jan 11th:
House of Delegates / workshops
Lunch (Tim Only) to VMAE
Others to AVMA lunch
Evening - Kingston Mines Blues Club

Jan 12th: Workshops - Depart early afternoon

Registering for the Conference

AVMA provides codes for particular groups attending the conference. Please register once we have those codes. They require your membership login when you register so have that ready. Because they ask so many questions about options we find it best for our delegation to book the conference themselves using TALK pre-paid mastercards or being reimbursed.

Hotel and Travel

Book your hotel as early as you can. It is best to reserve all the dates you might need and then change the reservation.

For the AVMA delegates, reservations are made through AVMA.

For others in the delegation, make sure you use the link above to the official AVMA site to get the best prices. Use your TALK card.

Use of TALK mastercard

For those issued with a TALK prepaid master card here are a few things to remember:

1. It is easiest to use if you download the TALKaccounting App onto your phone.

2. The App enables you to quickly check your balance. I can add money instantly, so if you need more just message me.

3. The App makes it very easy to photograph your receipts immediately. Indeed it will prompt you to do so and It will save you time over having to email them etc; Even if the receipt is on the screen just snap the screen. To add a receipt you just find the transaction in the app and add it there. The transaction will usually be on your App within a minute or two of the card being charged.

4. We must have receipts for everything! So please just make it easy and add your receipts at the time.

5. The App will also prompt you to leave a brief explanation of the expense.