Financial Wellbeing

NYSVMS Financial Wellbeing Program

You may be just starting out, and deeply concerned about how to make ends meet. Or in mid-career, wondering how you will be able to start a family and afford a house in a great school district. Perhaps you are wondering when you can retire?

We have three programs, all provided by our partner Sabadoodle, and supported by scholarships that can enable newer veterinarians to achieve financial peace of mind at no cost.

Program participants have found that they can put their financial worries aside and enjoy life and work that much more.

Step 1: Listen to the short introductory video

This provides a 1.5 minute overview of the program

Step 2: Select one of the career-stage options below

We have a tailored option for each career stage

Sabadoodle - financial wellbeing dog

Sabadoodle is kind of like a financial guide-dog leading veterinarians around financial obstacles.

The breed is friendly, caring and trained to listen in a way that enhances people’s confidence with money.

Our partner - Sabadoodle

New York Veterinary Medical Society chose Sabadoodle as our financial wellbeing partner for the following reasons:

  • Sabadoodle works exclusively with veterinarians and has a deep knowledge of the financial challenges faced by veterinary staff.
  • Sabadoodle supports the mental well-being of veterinarians by addressing the #1 source of their financial stress - student loan debt.
  • As a fiduciary, Sabadoodle has a duty of utmost good faith to act solely in the best interests of our members.
Sabadoodle is led by Mike Sabatino, CFP®, CSLP®. Mike takes a client-centered approach that uses sophisticated software to generate output that creates insight, guides decisions, and reduces anxiety. Mike lives in Priceton, NJ wtith his wife and two teenage children.

In 2022, Sabadoodle partnered with NYSVMS to make real financial planning accessible to veterinarians.