Financial Wellbeing

How to lower financial stress

“ the stress associated
with my student loans
has been alleviated.”

NYSVMS Member, Graduated 6 years ago,
Mixed Animal Practice, Long Island

“ me with
lowering my
loan payments"

NYSVMS Member, Graduated 7 years ago,
Mixed Animal Practice, Northern NY

If you don't like how it looks, change your perspective

When you have over $150,000 in student debt and you are hardly breaking-even, it can feel like you will never achieve the goals you want. Will you ever be able to buy a house, or start a family? Or maybe you have cleared your student debts, but don't know how to move forward toward practice ownership or retirement.

Veterinarians who go through our program discover a different perspective on their finances. The stress of high debt of financial concerns is replaced by a well thought through financial plan that meets their life goals.

At the start of your veterinary career, you may not have a lot of money to spare, but you do have the capacity to work throughout a career that will bring in so much in earnings that your initial debt is quite small in comparison.  But you need a plan that addresses your specific situation and goals and shows how they can be achieved. That is where the NYSVMS partner Sabadoodle can help.

After an initial 30 minute free consultation, Sabadoodle will spend several hours running the numbers to create your individual plan.  They meet with you again to show how you can move forward with confidence in your financial future.

For all stages in your career

Members at all stages of their careers tell us that they have financial concerns. And the Sabadoodle Financial Wellbeing program can help at all those stages, whether newly graduated, mid-career, or planning for retirement. All members are invited to join Mike Sabatino of Sabadoodle for a free 30 minute consultation.

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“ me a path to financial independence that I've been skeptical of given my student loan debt. Made the whole process seem less daunting”

NYSVMS Member, Graduated 10 years ago, Shelter Medicine, NYC

“ I had graduated with hundreds of thousand of dollars worth of student loan debt. Prior to our meeting, the stress of loan repayment looming over my head had begun to really affect my mood and was a large stressor on top of an already stressful profession. (The program) has provided my family with the guidance we so desperately needed to plan my student loan repayment, future savings and to be able to live a financially comfortable life.”

NYSVMS Member, Graduated 6 years ago, Mixed Animal Practice, Long Island

For your Animal Hospital

Why not invite Sabadoodle to talk to all your veterinarians about how to achieve financial well-being. Schedule some time to talk with Mike Sabatino (Use the strategy call calendar).

Why we offer scholarships

Not all financial advisors are created equal. Most financial advisors offer their services free, and make their money from commissions when you buy the investment products they recommend.

It is much rarer to find an advisor like our partner Sabadoodle who will do a detailed analysis in return for a fee. It is even more unusual to find an advisor like Sabadoodle who specializes in the specific challenges and opportunities that veterinarians encounter.

You also get what you pay for. If someone is selling you investments, they may just be doing a simple analysis to show how you can generate income from the investment in retirement. We find that many members want answers for questions like "How and When can I buy a house?" or "How could I afford to reduce working hours to start a family - and still pay my loan debt?".

Answering these questions often requires hours of financial modeling using your specific situation and goals. That's why you may find the NYSVMS Sabadoodle partnership more expensive than a high-street financial advisor - but you may also find that you recover the cost very quickly by optimizing loan payments and other strategies.

The NYSVMS Board recognizes that stress over finances is one of the key contributors to burn-out, and that's why we are finding ways to finance scholarships to help keep the cost of the financial analysis down to $250 for those in their early career.

Start with a 30 minute no-commitment consultation with Sabadoodle, and if you want to go further email Tim Atkinson to start the scholarship application process.

Student Loan Analysis Consultation

The Student Loan Analysis (SLA) is a one-on-one coaching engagement consisting of four steps. (If you are later in your career - we can use the same four steps to help you meet your financial life-goals)

  i.      Free 30-minute consultation.  This is an exploratory call to answer your questions and see if working with Sabadoodle is a good fit.
  ii.     Provide your financial history.  Sabadoodle gathers and analyzes data such as the federal student loan file and tax return to identify loopholes and savings that exist within government programs.
 iii.      Run numerous loan diagnostics and propose a student loan treatment plan.  Sabadoodle reviews student loan repayment options, including the pros and cons of:
1.       Consolidating loans.
2.       Changing repayment plans.
3.       “Overpaying” loans.
4.       Private refinancing.

 iv.      With Sabadoodle's help, implement the plan. Sabadoodle helps you to complete the necessary federal loan forms and confirm that documents are successfully processed by your loan servicer.

Sabadoodle - financial wellbeing dog

Sabadoodle is kind of like a financial guide-dog leading veterinarians around financial obstacles.

The breed is friendly, caring and trained to listen in a way that enhances people’s confidence with money.

Our partner - Sabadoodle

New York Veterinary Medical Society chose Sabadoodle as our financial-wellbeing partner for several reasons:

  • We wanted a partner who provides advice that is not influenced by making fees from selling you investments. Sabadoodle just provides advice, and does not sell you investments
  • We looked for a partner that has demonstrated a commitment to the veterinary industry and has deep knowledge of the financial challenges faced by veterinary staff
  • We really liked Sabadoodle's approach to financial wellbeing
  • Sabadoodle is based locally

Sabadoodle is led by Michael Sabatino, a registered investment advisor, who is focusing on education and one-on-one consultations for veterinary staff. He has already worked with some leading NY Animal Hospitals. In 2012 he was chosen by McGraw-Hill Education to build a money coaching program for the company’s 4,000 U.S. employees. Over a period of seven years, hundreds of textbook editors, learning technology specialists and executives shared with Sabatino their personal history with money. Sabatino's financial wellness approach integrates stories of their resilience with insight from his own experience of overcoming the financial challenges of raising a family in New York City.

In 2019, Sabatino began collaborating with a growth minded veterinary practice eager to expand into more communities but struggling with burnout and staff turnover. Over the past two-years,he dug deep into the financial stress hampering growth and guided the owner, practice manager and staff toward financial security and wellbeing.

Sabatino now sees the opportunity to help more veterinary professionals build sustainable careers around their passion through a new breed of financial wellness he calls Sabadoodle.