Our profession.

Our community.

Come join us.

We are a community of individuals who are committed to advancing the cause of organized veterinary medicine in our state.


Your community


We are the heart of the veterinarian community in New York State.

Join us at our regional CE meetings and social gatherings held regularly across the state. Meet colleagues, learn together and share your challenges together.

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Your knowledge


We bring together knowledge about practicing veterinary medicine in New York State from our volunteers, legal advisors and your questions.

Each day more questions come in and we add more answers, building up an in-depth practical knowledge base.

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Your voice


More than ever before it is important for us to be heard as one voice. The response to the Opiod potentially restricts drugs you need.

Human medicine rules for compounded drugs may mean you can't have them available for emergencies. 

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Your education


Many regional groups offer CEs for just the price of dinner, or even free.

You also get $90 off registration for Spring and Fall New York State Veterinary Conferences, held in partnership with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

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Your savings


We've already mentioned free CEs from your regional group, and the $90 discount at the conference.

We also offer an extensive range of affinity programs, many of which are with leading providers in the field.


Your news


Connections is our print magazine that combines news around New York State with articles about veterinary practice with a local flavor.

Make sure you are getting NYSVMS eNews for the latest veterinary news both state-wide and beyond.