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This privacy statement is designed to inform you about the information we collect from you online and how we use it. From time to time, NYSVMS may modify this privacy statement to ensure that it accurately reflects our use of the information you provide us. If this privacy statement is changed, you will be alerted by a special announcement on the website.                                                                                        

Information We Collect and How We Use It Information We Collect and How We Use It 

The NYSVMS website is designed primarily to provide a means for NYSVMS to provide information to its members and to communicate with its members. Secondarily, it provides a source of information about the NYSVMS to non-members.

The only information we collect about you online is the information you provide to us. This will include identifying information such as your name, NYS license number, veterinary practice, address, telephone number and e-mail address. This information will be requested from members in conjunction with online conference registration and application for participation in NYSVMS programs, such as the Academy of Veterinary Practice. This information will be used to provide you with the member services you have requested through the website.

Additional information will be collected from non-member veterinarians who apply for membership to NYSVMS online. This information will become part of the NYSVMS membership database, and some of the information will be available online to other NYSVMS members through the online membership directory.

Any financial or credit card information submitted to NYSVMS for any reason will not be divulged to any other party, except to provide for your payment to NYSVMS for membership and membership programs.

Resale or Disclosure of Information to Third Parties Resale or Disclosure of Information to Third Parties 

NYSVMS membership lists are used to send association information, newsletters and other member information to association members. We also share membership information with our NYSVMS-affiliated regional veterinary medical associations and with our affiliated national veterinary medical association, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Membership lists may also be provided to unaffiliated businesses that provide endorsed products and services to NYSVMS members for mailings about those programs. Lists of NYSVMS members are not provided to any other unaffiliated businesses for general solicitation purposes.

How the NYSVMS Uses Cookies How the NYSVMS Uses Cookies

Cookies are files that collect information on your web browsing activities, store that information on your computer hard drive, and communicate with a website server to facilitate your access to the website in subsequent visits. This website uses cookies only to obtain aggregate information about visitors to the website in order to help us improve it and improve access to it. You are able to browse the NYSVMS website without disclosing any identifying information. Personal information, such as your e-mail address, is not collected unless you provide it to us.


Links to Other Websites Links to Other Websites 

The NYSVMS Website provides links to many other websites with related information. The NYSVMS privacy policy will not apply when you use one of these links to obtain additional information from another, linked source. You should consult that website's privacy policy to determine how that website uses information it may collect about you.

                                                                                                           Privacy of E-Mail Addresses Privacy of E-Mail Addresses 

The NYSVMS communicates with its members through e-mail using the e-mail addresses you provide through this website and in other information submitted to us. NYSVMS e-mails will communicate important member information to you. If you wish to be removed from the e-mail mailing list, you can do so by responding to any e-mail and typing "remove" on the subject line of the reply.

The NYSVMS does not sell, rent, lease or otherwise provide its membership e-mail addresses to any other party. The NYSVMS does not send e-mails to other visitors to the website, unless you have specifically requested information by e-mail.