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Unplug from your practice.

After-hours veterinary answering service for your clients.

Take a look at what GuardianVets' triage platform could do for you

What is it?

GuardianVets provides a telephone answering service staffed by NY State licensed veterinarians and technicians, and satisfies NY State legal and regulatory requirements to provide online support to your clients.

In a typical scenario, you would arrange after-hours calls, or calls during your busy periods to be diverted to the GuardianVets answering service. The call would be answered by NY licensed veterinary staff who would determine whether the patient needs to go to the emergency hospital, or if instead they should schedule an appointment with you the next day.

They are like a virtual extension of your team, so we follow your practice procedures and protocols already in place. During onboarding, GuardianVets set your preferences so you have control and ensure the service is seamlessly integrated. Your clients won’t notice any changes and you can finally feel at ease.

You can use the service just to handle after-hours calls, or you could even divert calls during the day so you can focus your energies on providing care to patients in your hospital.

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Is it legal in NY?

NYSVMS has completed a thorough review of the GuardianVets triage service to make sure it is legal and meets the NY State practice guidelines. We have also met with the Chief Medical Officer of GuardianVets to review the protocols used to handle calls from your clients.

When a client calls your animal hospital and the call is diverted to the GuardianVets support team they will ask questions to assess whether it is an emergency situation requiring an immediate visit, or whether the best course of action is to schedule an appointment with you for the next day. The New York State Department of Education takes the position that this constitutes the practice of veterinary medicine. For that reason GuardianVets have arranged that all NY callers will be passed to either a NY licensed veterinarian, or a licensed veterinary technician working under the supervision of a NY licensed veterinarian.

NY State also has specific requirements for the ownership structure of an organization that provides veterinary services, and GuardianVets have established an ownership structure that meets these requirements.