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Check out our fantastic line-up of LIVE and INTERACTIVE CE at the 2020 NYS-VC!

More speakers and topics are coming soon!


General Interest  

  • Wellness Track featuring 12 hours of sessions with Dr. Patricia Turner and AAVMC's Director of Wellbeing, Makenzie Peterson, MSc
  • Cornell Legacy Track featuring Dermatology dream-team Drs. Bill Miller, Julia Miller and Mitzi Clark 
  • Vets and Techs Track with a panel discussion on leveraging veterinary technicians in large animal practice and an interactive session with Ken Yagi MS, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM) on Where Team Health, Retention, and Revenue Intersect: How Well Do You Utilize Technicians? 

Companion Animal  

  • Nephrology Track featuring Dr. Johanna Heseltine – practice managing increasing complex cases with her adaptive learning platform! 
  • Nutrition Track featuring Dr. Cailin Heinze with sessions on pet food associated illness as well as nutritional management of uroliths, renal disease and diabetes 
  • DeeDee Arrison Holistic & Integrative Wellness Track with Dr. Joe Wakshlag with sessions on cannabinoids in veterinary medicine
  • Spay and Neuter Track featuring Dr. Phil Bushby, including a multi-expert, interactive panel discussion on the optimal age to spay and neuter 
  • Spinal Disease Track featuring neurologist and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sharon Kerwin 


Lab Animal Medicine Track

Featuring a panel discussion on euthanasia, as well as case presentations and sessions on pouched rats, behavioral management and translational training tools 


Large Animal 

  • Camelid Track featuring Dr. Steve Purdy with sessions on reproduction and field dentistry 
  • Equine Track featuring Dr. Katie Garrett with sessions on equine ultrasound and Dr. Amy Grice, MBA with sessions on the business of equine practice 
  • Production Medicine Track with sessions on regulatory medicine and field management of mastitis 
  • Small Ruminant Track featuring Dr. Gillian Ferguson with sessions on dystocias, neonatal management and building a practice with clients new to livestock 

Veterinary Technician Track

With sessions on small animal dentistry, surgery, anesthesia, emergency and critical care