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Recorded September 2, 2020


Veterinarians, Technicians and hospital staff are busier than ever right now, with no end in sight. For the next few months this will be the new normal, and if you are feeling worn down already, you may be wondering how you will make it through this crisis.


Lisa Hardy CEAP who is the Vice President of CorpCare, our 24/7 helpline provider, will share some insights from her work with highly-stressed people and suggest some practical things you can do to maintain calm. You will still face challenging clients and overwork, but this short webinar will provide some ways to thrive and enjoy the work you do anyway.


Cover slide for How to Best Balance People and PPP needs

Webinar Broadcast: 5/19/2018
75 minutes

Deb Best Practices

During the Covid crisis NYSVMS has hired human resources specialist, Deb Best of Deb Best Practices to provide one-on-one consultations with NYSVMS members needing help.

We invited her to return to our virtual stage to present the answers to the questions she has most often heard while consulting with our members, and update you with information on the payroll protection program.

Presenter Rating: 9/10
Audience comments:
" Answered the most common/difficult questions about the program instead of just stating the general requirements of the law. Also, using personal experience made it more understandable."

"She answered questions of immediate relevance regarding how to bring staff back; the connection between that offer and the staff's unemployment benefits and he need to document this in writing."


Webinar Broadcast - May 6th 2020

A partnership between NYSVMS and Center for Veterinary Business and Entrepreneurship at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Within the next few weeks we expect to see elective procedures made legal again in New York State, but there will still be a need to maintain social-distancing protocols. Many animal hospitals are struggling to meet the demand for services now, how can they adapt to the demands for the coming 6 to 12 months.

To address these issues, NYSVMS has formed a partnership the Center for Veterinary Business and Entrepreneurship at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

In this first panel discussion you will hear updates from current experts in public health and employment law, but it is even more important that we can hear from you to understand the challenges you are facing in your practice and what your needs are from this group of experts.

Join us for this free online discussion and meet:

Jorge L. Colón, DVM, MBA, Senior Lecturer Financial and Organizational Management, CVBE, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
Caroline Yancey, DVM, MPH, Lecturer Master of Public Health Program, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
Celia Bigoness, Esq., Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Cornell Law School
Nicole Gould, Cornell Law ’20, New York State 2020 Pro Bono Scholar
Tim Atkinson, Executive Director NYSVMS

No CEs are available for the recording

This 90 minute webinar has been divided into three sections for easy viewing

Part 1: Caroline Yancey, DVM, MPH, - Infection Control for Veterinary Practice
25 minutes

Part 2: Celia Bigoness, Esq, Nicole Gould - Employment and legal issues
59 minutes

Part 3 - Questions and answers

    Download the slide deck

    Can I prescribe medications via telehealth in NY State without seeing the patient in person?

    This question is the jumping off point for an in-depth examination of telehealth platforms in the age of Covid-19.

    We hear from NYSVMS lawyer, Frank Fanshawe, on the potential exposure to civil lawsuits and how to manage the risk. Dr. Doug Aspros, Chair of the NY State Board of Veterinary Medicine discusses what it means for VCPR to be in guidelines and not law.

    We also have two perspectives on how much value telemedicine brings to the profession, with Dr. Hilary Jones from Teletails, and Dr. Howard Gittelman another member of the Board of Veterinary Medicine.


    In December of 2019, a novel respiratory disease was observed in Wuhan, China. The cause of the disease was identified as a coronavirus, which has now been designated as SARS-CoV-2. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has rapidly spread worldwide and many questions remain unanswered at this point. This presentation will cover biological aspects of coronaviruses, disease symptoms, viral transmission, and options for veterinary hospital planning.

    Alison Stout,DVM is a veterinarian pursuing her PhD in the lab of Dr. Gary Whittaker at Cornell University, where they broadly study coronaviruses. She graduated in 2011 from Cornell University with a BS in Animal Science and Agricultural Sciences Education. After spending two years researching equine herpesvirus, she went to vet school at Cornell and graduated in 2017. Her interests are in zoonotic and infectious diseases.

    Webinar recorded: March 2020

    You stay open for emergencies. You get sick. Staff are quarantined. Now you are closed and the surviving practices are struggling to meet the need for emergency and essential animal care.

    Tomorrow we are going to host a webinar from one emergency hospital group, VEG, that has developed a collaborative solution. We believe this model may be needed elsewhere in the State, and are working with VEG on broader plans to support all practices in an emergency.

    This collaborative model involves opening the emergency hospitals 24 hours, and local veterinary practices shifting their operations into the emergency hospital. Their staff join the emergency hospital staff to form teams including:

    On-premises shifts working on emergency/essential cases
    Home-based shifts working from home doing reception phone-calls and tele-triage, and ready to keep the hospital open if the on-premises shift is quarantined
    The home-based team includes veterinarians who are quarantined or need to be at home for other reasons

    We will hear from Dr. David Bessler and his team at Veterinary Emergency Group on how they are cooperating with veterinary operations throughout Westchester, Rockland, Long Island, Upper East Side an Brooklyn to ensure veterinarians are as safe as possible while providing essential veterinary care.

    There will be plenty of opportunity for online discussion and ideas sharing. If you have similar programs that you would like to mention, contact NYSVMS and we can schedule a time during the webinar for you to share your program.

    Issues covered include:
    Overview of the current environment
    What VEG is doing now - cleaning, moving the back to the front, video chats, remote triage
    Thinking ahead - shut down hospitals to create a rescue team, equipment conservation
    A collaborative model - commitments to regular DVMs to return cases, lists of open/closed vets etc

    Webinar recorded: March 2020

    This joint webinar with NYSAVT (Technicians association) was scheduled prior to Covid in order to help veterinarians improve work-life balance and profitability through the most effective working relationship with licensed veterinary technicians.

    We've shifted the focus to also provide some practical advice for operations today during the Covid-19 crisis, also including what veterinarians can do to maximize the safety of technicians whose responsibilities potentially expose them to risk.

    As animal hospitals begin to return to full capacity there will be a backlog of cases to be seen, and delegating as much as possible to technicians may become critical, as well as the ability to easily fill your vacant technician positions by better understanding the value and needs of licensed technicians.

    We are delighted to welcome Garnetta Santiago, MA LVT, President of the NYS Association of Veterinary Technicians, and Manager, Academic and Professional Affairs at Zoetis Inc. She will join NYSVMS and LIVMA Board member Robin Sturtz, DVM, Director, Veterinary Technology Program at LIU Post.

    Webinar recorded: April 2020

    We asked Chris Rocchio, DVM who is on the NYSVMS Finance Committee, and Treasurer for Capital District VMS, to put together a team to help answer questions about financial issues. The team so far includes:

    Dr. Chris Rocchio, Monarch Business Consulting
    David Waterman, Monarch Business Consulting
    Matt Hosford from our lawyers, Jackson Lewis
    Sean Coyle, Lendeavor

    We will cover, among other things:

    Decreasing your cash flow through the pandemic
    Disaster Relief Loans and the Stimulus Package - what does it mean to the practice owner?
    What if you need to decrease your workforce?
    COVID-19 employment items to note
    COVID-19 leaves and when to use them, Unemployment Insurance (UI), the UI Shared Work Program, etc.
    What is the short and long term effect on practice values and sales?

    Broadcast April 2nd 2020

    Everybody is going through a time of great stress. We want to make sure that our NYSVMS community is seeded with people who understand how to reach out when they see their colleagues struggling, and encourage them to accept the help available from our confidential member helpline.

    Lisa Hardy CEAP who is the Vice President of CorpCare, our 24/7 helpline provider, will cover a few pointers to help you thrive despite the circumstances, and then cover the basic principles of recognizing when it might be time to ask your colleagues if they are OK, and to lead them toward any help they might need.