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Veterinary Services are Essential Businesses

Udpate 3/23/2020
Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order No. 202.6, requiring, effective March 20, 2020 at 8 pm, that all businesses in the state reduce their in-person workforce at any work location by 100 percent. Any “essential business,” is exempt from this requirement.

The NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets has issued interim guidance dated March 22nd. Animal care operations as defined below, are been deemed essential and are exempt.

Companion animal veterinary care : Essential veterinary care is exempt.

Livestock/Equine/Captive Cervids: All veterinary care is exempt.

Meanwhile - please also take into account the emerging shortage of PPE and the need for us to avoid unnecessary use of resources that could be used by medics tending to the sick and dying. Please see our 3/21 message about this.

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    Maybe this one ------------------------------ Virginia Jarvis Albany County Veterinary Hospital Albany NY 518-456-6333 ------------------------------ More

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    The New York City Department of Health provided us with the attached health advisory for city veterinarians. The key difference is that in the city: "The NYC Health Department is not requiring 14-day quarantine for close contacts of cases. Instead, ... More

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    Continuing Education Some regulations restrict licensees to a certain percentage of self-study for continuing education requirements. In response to the evolving situation with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and for those licensees whose registrations ... More

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    Paycheck Protection Program : The Treasury Department released a press release today indicating the Paycheck Protection Program will be operational by Friday: From the press release: "This legislation ... More

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    Which protocol are you referring to?There is one about guidelines for returning to work that is very specific about healthcare workers, and does not apply to veterinarians, even though some veterinarians have received it. (Attached) Is there another ... More

Client information sheet on Covid-19

We have prepared a client education sheet for you to provide to clients.
Coronavirus client flyer

Helping medical teams with PPE and Ventilators

If you can spare any PPE or ventilators to protect medical teams caring for sick people - please use the links below

For general PPE

For ventilators

Guide to the new Sick-leave law in NYS

On March 17th, the Governor announced a new law related to paid sick-leave.
Take a look at our guide

Webinar recording - Covid-19 viral transmission, and options for veterinary hospital planning.

This hour long presentation covers biological aspects of coronaviruses, disease symptoms, viral transmission, and options for veterinary hospital planning.

Alison Stout,DVM is a veterinarian pursuing her PhD in the lab of Dr. Gary Whittaker at Cornell University, where they broadly study coronaviruses. She graduated in 2011 from Cornell University with a BS in Animal Science and Agricultural Sciences Education. After spending two years researching equine herpesvirus, she went to vet school at Cornell and graduated in 2017. Her interests are in zoonotic and infectious diseases. .

Watch the recording.

Download slides

Webinar recording - The Coming Coronavirus - How Telehealth can help you keep calm and carry on

This webinar will provides an update of what we know about COVID-19 in pets at the moment and then will focus on how to position and implement a virtual care platform to help mitigate both the direct and indirect effects of the virus in your practice. Access it on our online learning platform.

Links to health resources

The following links are provided to help stay up-to-date on responding to the Covid-19 virus from a health perspective
See the following section on business related issues:

If you go to one place only we recommend the AVMA Q&A. If you are asking - they probably have the answer here.

Links to business resources

The following links are provided to help stay up-to-date on responding to the Covid-19 virus from a business perspective
See the section above for health-related issues

There are several strategies that can help you keep your doors open for the animals that need your help.

The Federal Small Business Administration has made available low-interest loans for businesses to rebuild.
However these are administered through the States, and we don't yet have details on how to apply. However it does seem that these loans are only for businesses that have no other form of credit. Our recommendation is to start planning early and talk to a trusted financial advisor if you feel you may need a loan to cover a period of low revenue.
In New York City there are loans for businesses hit by the crisis

Visit the NYSVMS guide to sick-leave during Covid-19