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NYSVMS has partnered with CorpCare to bring you a completely confidential assistance program, including:

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NYS Professional Assistance Program

The New York State Professional Assistance Program (PAP) assists professionals who have substance abuse problems, but who have not harmed patients or clients. Such professionals may voluntarily surrender their licenses while receiving treatment rather than face charges of professional misconduct. All applications to the program are confidential. To learn more visit the NYS PAP website.

Join the team!

NYSVMS has a Wellbeing Committee chaired by Roxanne Suarez, DVM.

Roxanne is a graduate of the 2019 Power of 10 class, a program designed to support emerging leaders as they contribute to the profession, and a current member of the Committee for Leadership Advancement and we are delighted that she is in this critical role.

We're looking for people interested in joining the wellbeing committee.  Contact Tim Atkinson, Executive Director for more information.

Suicide Prevention Training Index

Launched in 2020, we are collecting data on how many NY veterinarians have taken suicide prevention programs.

We want to use our support index as a focus for our promotion of suicide prevention training. Our message is that everyone can help make their community safer by taking one of these trainings, and we will be appealing to our members and non-members to help us meet a series of goals, as we drive participation higher.
It is early days for the index and numbers are low. Let us know if you took one of the trainings listed below,  I took a suicide-prevention training. Or if not - use the links below and be better prepared for when your colleagues need you.

What suicide prevention trainings are included in the index

We will include you in our training index if you have taken any training that you consider enables you to spot the warning signs of suicide in a colleague, conduct a conversation, and refer them on to specialized resources.
AVMA recommends the Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) gatekeeper training. Through them it is free for AVMA members and can be taken online in just 60 minutes. Learn more.
Individuals who are not AVMA members have some options:
(a) You could register to complete the AVMA’s online Workplace Wellbeing Certificate Program. The WPWB program is comprised of 5 modules, offers 4 hours of CE credit, and includes the QPR module. The cost for the full certificate program is $75.00 for non members.
(b) You can take the online QPR training by signing up directly at https://qprinstitute.com/individual-training. The cost is $29.95, payable to QPR.
(c) Also keep an eye out for community trainings offered in their areas by QPR, or AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention).
(d) Banfield Pet Hospital has a similar program to QPR called Assess, Support, Know (ASK) that is provided online for free. Learn more

Education on Work/Life integration

The NYSVMS Wellbeing committee has identified work/life integration as a key focus for wellbeing education.

Work/life integration is at the top response in our member surveys asking members to identify their greatest challenge in their professional lives. Many other surveys show that improved work/life balance is closely linked to wellbeing.

In November 2019 we held a one-day event as part of our "Big Ideas" conference, at the NY Vet conference in New York City, and we hope to build on this. In addition we are doing preparatory work on a program of peer-support groups that work together on addressing work/life integration and communication skills.

Video on Positive Psychology

To kick off a collection of educational programs about wellness here is a TED talk - "The Happy Secret" about the benefits of positive psychology.