Becoming a chapter


The Board of WRVMS is recommending to the members that the organization becomes an integrated chapter of NYSVMS. Here's why.

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Region operating as 501c3

Integrated chapter

The Westchester Rockland Veterinary Medical Association (WRVMA) is one of 12 regional organizations of the New York State Veterinary Medical Society (NYSVMS). The bylaws of the NYSVMS and each regional define the regions and make it clear that the State Society is simply the sum of the regional organizations. The regional organizations no more exist without the State Society as the State Society exists without its component regions.


Nearly all of the Board votes are controlled by the regional representatives.

No fundamental change.


WRVMA would continue as a distinct regional division within the State Society and continue with its own elected leadership.


WRVMA would continue to have a significant voting bloc on the NYSVMS board with the ability to partner with similar regional groups to determine policy.


The regional associations have an executive board, governed by their own bylaws that, in turn must be consistent with NYSVMS bylaws.

The bylaws are replaced by procedures that establish the WRVMA elected leadership committee with similar powers to the existing elected board


The procedures can only be changed by a vote of the NYSVMS board. See comments above.

The regional boards are free to determine their own programs and agenda so long as such remain consistent with the policies of the NYSVMS.


No change

Regionals use funds that result from dues and sponsorship to provide programs for the members.

No change


However NYSVMS is introducing programs to help regional boards run programs – such as the new online Speaker Database.

Any profit remaining would be taxable. All regional association were obligated to become 501c(3) not-for-profit corporations to protect these funds.  That is the sole reason that WRVMA is currently a 501c(3). It has nothing to do with programing, policies, services to our members or any particular social or political agenda that region might elect.

Integration will free our regional directors from the legal, fiduciary and human resource obligations of a non-for-profit corporation and allow them to focus on providing programing and services to the members.


NYSVMS will handle IRS/State tax reporting, 1099s, insurance and a host of other admin details that can have severe financial consequences if mishandled.


It is more efficient to run an integrated organization as one legal entity with the benefit of the oversight of an independent audit of both finances and operational risk.


For the past year and a half NYSVMS has already been managing our newsletter, email communications and arranging our meetings. Most importantly they have been obtaining the required approval for each continuing education meeting and are maintaining all of our continuing education records on a newly relaunched website for those members who want to keep the “status quo” or who doubt the state society can deliver on the promises…

No change.


NYSVMS is already established at efficiently and effectively managing the operations of several chapters and regional groups

WRVMA is purchasing services from NYSVMS and the relationship is simply about efficient service with well-defined hand-off points.

The net revenue of the chapter is reported together with the other activities of NYSVMS.


This means that the Executive Director and staff are actively engaged in the chapter’s success and will want to go the extra mile to help bring in additional sponsorship and programs.


Recruitment of new leadership is hard because the responsibilities are seen as onerous and few people have the time. This is an existential threat to WRVMA.


For example Southern Tier VMA were not able to find new leaders and the organization had become inactive.


WRVMA is currently in a vulnerable state and is struggling to find people willing to be President.

The volunteers have committed support from the Executive Director and Staff at NYSVMS so they can be quickly and efficiently brought up to speed with what needs to be done, and use their limited time to maximum effect by focusing on member programs.


NYSVMS can also help a region recover from periods of low volunteer engagement. For example with NYSVMS support the Southern Tier Region has come back to vigor after a period of inactivity as NYSVMS stepped in to encourage a new leadership to volunteer. A critical part of this was the existence of the integrated chapter support package that made it possible to recruit.


With the correct support in place, it becomes much more enjoyable to volunteer and we can build up a strong pipeline of future leaders who will also be attracted by the strong connection with the State.


As an integral part of NYSVMS the future of WRVMA is much more secure as there will always be a need for member programs delivered in-person to members in WR